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Online Game

An online game is a kind of computer application designed to be played through the Internet. Game controls may include the use of mouse and keyboard; speakers and headphones are also popular online game accessories.

Although an online game may be limited to local networks, it can still be a part of a larger network of online games.

An online game can be text-based. It is also characterised by intricate graphic designs and elaborate computer-generated effects. Enthusiasts of a particular online game can also establish online communities. Such virtual organisations usually facilitate online interaction and social activities.

Categories of online game

Computer programmers have created a lot of online games. To give you an idea, here are some of the types of online game:

>Real-time strategy game
This online game is commonly based on a single local network. Players have the option to make their local networks exclusive. A real-time strategy game is also considered as a multi-player game. This type of online game requires several participants. There are real-time strategy games, however, that can substitute game bots for human players.

>Browser game
As the name implies, this kind of online game can only be accessed through particular Internet browsers. A browser game is commonly created using HTML scripting languages such as Java, Flash and MySQL. Generally, this kind of online game is not designed for multiplayers. There are also browser games that require users to download and install additional game plug-ins.

>Massively multiplayer online game
This kind of online game was introduced through the development of high-speed Internet connection. Massively multiplayer online game allow hundreds (or maybe more) of players to simultaneously access a particular online game. This kind of online game has different subtypes.

Genres of online game

Online games can be further divided into genres. Here are some of online game genres:

An online game that is focused on the theme of adventure generally has a plot to put players in context. Players of this online game genre are expected to complete several quests.

An online game can be centered on the theme of battles. Players are tasked to beat their opponents in this kind of game. People who like competition would find this online game interesting.

Classic video and arcade games are also available online. Programmers know that these games are considered all-time favourites. It is for this reason that they have created the online counterparts of these arcade games.